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Tailored connectivity services for the NHS

Updata is a pioneering service integrator and leading provider of managed voice and data network solutions.  As part of Capita plc, we design, build, operate and optimise every form of network and voice service globally, providing end-to-end network services that enable our customers to deliver increased business agility and service performance. Our network solutions are also complimented by a range of customer engagement, unified communication and collaboration solutions that help to deliver better experiences for both employees and the customers they serve.

Updata in healthcare

In the increasingly connected world of health and social care, we provide the network solutions needed for the secure collaboration and sharing of information with carers, patients and citizens across the NHS and other care organisations.  Working with various NHS bodies, we have identified 6 potential benefits of working with Updata:

  • 20 years’ experience delivering network solutions to the NHS
  • Up to 80% savings achieved using Updata’s managed network solutions
  • The combination of N3 & PSN accreditation enables us to support the transition from N3 to the Health & Social Care (HSCN) network
  • With secure gateways onto the Internet and legacy N3 services we have simplified connectivity services for many GPs
  • We have worked with all elements of the health and social care environment, including managing networks for Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, NHS and local government social services
  • We’ve implemented some of the largest public sector regional networks in the UK; we successfully transitioned the NHS from N3 to deliver the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN). 

Our approach to healthcare & HSCN connectivity

Cost-effective - Utilising a range of network services we deliver directly or through a range of partners to ensure we provide the NHS with the widest choice of resilience, bandwidth and technology. We are cost-conscious and competitive, sourcing network bandwidth and infrastructure that meets the requirements of the HSCN.

Customer orientated - We use integrated networks to increase employee productivity, from reducing the amount of time spent on administration to the expansion of wireless connectivity throughout hospitals.

Flexible and agile – Our tailored flexibility and innovative service integration offers connectivity that meets the needs of the NHS.  Our portfolio of Managed WAN, LAN and wireless solutions are just some of the connectivity services we provide to strengthen the new HSCN. As part of Capita plc, we have the capabilities of an enterprise company combined with the agility, responsiveness and personal service of an SME, working in partnership with NHS organisations to create a modern connected health service.

End-to-end, integrated network services

  • Consultancy – We establish a close partnership with our clients, using industry-specific staff to produce a Healthcare Connectivity Assessment which identifies the key drivers and desired outcomes to achieve HSCN connectivity.
  • WAN – As a UK leader in large complex WAN solutions, we build secure, high-speed, optimised networks that can be scaled to a regional and national managed network.
  • LAN & Wi-Fi—Delivering a single service with precision through a wireless and flexible infrastructure, we can build a complete intelligent infrastructure that is capable of connecting clinical apps, digital medical equipment and mobile devices.
  • CoIN – NHS organisations have historically developed their own communities of interest to improve their procurement; Updata can leverage this to deliver regional networks, often aligned to local government.
  • Mobility – A high-speed campus network will need multiple device access and innovative mobility management to support all devices end-to-end. By integrating multiple device access, Updata delivers increased business agility for the NHS.
  • Secure – Updata provides fully managed security services and secures data through an encryption overlay service. This secures PSN’s that are handling sensitive data and secures the information that practitioners are sharing, giving peace of mind. 

Updata Infrastructure
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