Locum insurance provider, LocumPlan, helps to protect practices and professionals from costly locum fees. LocumPlan will pay for a locum in the unfortunate event of an insured person needing to take time off work due to illness or accident.

Locum insurance from LocumPlan we feel is a low-cost solution to a significant risk that could impact you and your practice.

If you, one of your partners or a key employee were unable to work due to accident or sickness, the financial consequences for your practice would be serious.

LocumPlan exists to take away the pain if this should happen – we offer the cover you need, for much less than you’d think.

How does LocumPlan work?

Should an insured person be unable to work, you can make a claim. When the claim is validated, we pay either the sum insured or the cost of a locum (whichever is lower).

Who is LocumPlan for?

LocumPlan has been designed for GPs, dentists, vets, opticians and others in similar occupations together with their senior practice staff.

Non-medical personnel employed by the practice can also be included in the scheme – to a maximum of 75% of their gross weekly wage – unless the cost of a temporary replacement would be funded other than by the practice (e.g. by the Primary Care Trust).

Reducing your practice tax bill

Your LocumPlan insurance premiums are allowable against tax. We’ve designed our cover to ensure the most favourable tax treatment – and we think this is just as important as comprehensive benefits and competitive premiums.

The cover you need – at a rate you can afford

Affordable premiums have not increased since the business was founded and LocumPlan has a 100% claims record (as at 28 February 2010).

• Cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide

• Any amount from £200 to £3,000 a week

• Choice of excess (waiting) periods from 2 weeks to 26 weeks

• Can include practice manager, nurses and other senior practice staff

• Automatically includes cover for stress and anxiety (only if accepted by the underwriters)

• Automatically includes cover for jury service*

• Additional benefits covered at no extra cost:

-   Compassionate Leave

-   Family Accident/Illness

-   Maternity/Statutory Adoption Benefit

-   Paternity Benefit

-   Suspension Cover

• Group discounts if more than 2 people from the practice apply

(*up to £250 a day for 28 days)

Getting a quote

You can get a real-time quote on our website at www.locumplan.co.uk. You’ll need your practice name, number of people who need cover, likely sums of cover and a valid email address. If you’re not sure of the cover you need, no problem. You can adjust your excess period or sum required to see how the premium would be affected. Alternatively you can call 0845 8500 205 for a quote.

Taking out cover

You can apply for cover online or by phone. To take out cover, each person must complete a simple proposal form. No medical reports or examinations are needed. Once approved, you can then choose to pay by credit card online, by instalments or by cheque. It’s that simple to get protected.

Will I get advice?

LocumPlan is offered on a non-advised basis. This means that no advice is given by us.

Contact us

Email us at admin@locumplan.co.uk, call 0845 8500 205 or visit our website at www.locumplan.co.uk

LocumPlan is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyds and is offered by:

Med-Ex Financial Advisory Services Limited
The Grist Mill Top Office
Coldharbour Mill
EX15 3EE.

Med-Ex Financial Advisory Services is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.