Foresight Research 2010

We have just completed a Survey of our results from 2002-2009.

Group 1:  1,578 Couples completed the full Foresight programme.  1,417 Babies were born.  89.8% success rate. There were 42 miscarriages.  There were 52 pairs of twins and 3 sets of triplets.  Only 2 single births were premature.

Group 2:  518 Couples did a part of the programme, but did not complete it.  They had 358 babies.  69.1% success rate.  There were 39 miscarriages, 37 pairs of twins.

Overall, the average birth weight for single births was 7lb 10¾oz.  The average birth weight for twins was 5lb 15¼oz.  Average triplet weight 3lb 10½oz.  (Triplets are born by Caesarian at 34 weeks).

Prior to coming to Foresight our population had had 2,383 failed IUI (success 162)  (1 in 15.7 or 6.3%) 3,004 failed IVF (success 407) (11.4%) and 1,081 failed ICSI (success 211) (16.5%).

The Foresight Programme

The Foresight programme’s most vital component is hair mineral analysis.  We supplement any needed macro minerals and trace minerals.  We cleanse toxic metals, lead, aluminium, cadmium and mercury.  The deficiencies and the toxins can both be dangerous to a baby and impede normal development. 

We provide a leaflet on optimizing nutrition and suggest organic produce and using our Wholefood cookbook.  We inform about the dangers from toxic food additives, pesticides and fluoride.

We advise against voluntary poisons such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine and drugs.  We inform of the damage to the baby these can cause.

We teach natural family planning (ovulation awareness) to avoid use of the pill.  The pill can reduce levels of essential minerals, zinc and magnesium and of vitamin B6.

We advise them to check for genito urinary infection where there is any indication that one is present.

Allergies and parasites, we advise seeing a nutritional therapist.

We suggest they have a house survey for advice on avoiding electromagnetic pollution.  We have experts who can detect effectively and advise safeguards.

We list toxic substances in cosmetics, hair dyes, toothpastes, household cleaners, pesticides etc. that parents need to avoid.

We test the tap water, and where copper and lead contamination from plumbing is excessive we advise on changing pipes or using water filtration.

Our programme helps to reduce the levels of potentially harmful toxins, both inside the body and in the environment.  This reduces the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, malformation or stillbirth.

Optimising the levels of needed trace minerals also assists perfect development, intelligence, and, we have discovered, musicality!

  • Where fallopian tubes are blocked we advise genito urinary infection check, using a homeopathic remedy where necessary.  If they suffer from catarrh, avoiding allergens such as gluten and dairy Using reflexology to clear the tubes by stimulation.
  • Where there is annovulation, supplementation of zinc etc. and lowering of excess copper, coupled with reflexology.
  • Low sperm count, malformed sperm etc. responds well to our full programme.

Background Research

We studied the work of Dr. Weston Price, California.  Cambridge veterinary researcher, Mrs Isabel Jennings; Professor Bert Vallee, Harvard University Medical School. Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, Brain Bio Centre, New Jersey; Dr. Ben Fiengold, Kaisier Permanente Institute in Carifornia; Dr. Lucille Hurley, University of California; Dr.  Elizabeth Lodge-Rees, California; Dr. Donald Oberleas and Dr. Donald Caldwell, Wayne; Professor Roger Williams, Texas University, Dr. Richard Passwater and Dr. Elmer Cranton; Professor EJ Underwood, Sydney University; Dr. Harold Buttram, Pennsylvania; Dr. Allan Leiberman, South Carolina; Dr. Russell Blaylock.

In the UK, Professor John Dickerson, University of Surrey; Professor Neil Ward, University of Surrey; Professor Derek Bryce-Smith, Reading University

We hope that people will study our success rate.  We are very willing to share all the information we have.  See our website

We would welcome referrals from GP’s, Midwives, Health Visitors and others.