Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd (EMIS) is a leading provider of modern primary care clinical software solutions.  EMIS was established in the 1980s and has since grown to command an impressive market share, as a clinical IT specialist, EMIS’s solutions are used by approximately 55.8 per cent of GP practices in England - which equates to an impressive 39 million patients records held specifically using their clinical software.

EMIS has developed a comprehensive range of clinical software solutions that encompass software licensing and support, hardware support and maintenance services, hardware sales, third party software sales and training services.  All these solutions include the functionality as specified in NHS accreditation standards for GPs, including lifetime patient healthcare records, medical record summary, prescribing medications, practice management appointment booking systems, consultation and intelligent prescribing modules.  In summary EMIS is strategically positioned to enable general practices and the extending healthcare care community to deliver the best possible patient care.

The UK primary care landscape is currently facing the most phenomenal change known for decades.  The emergence of GP consortia as the purchasers of most NHS treatments should present significant opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and value for money in the healthcare system.  As a result quality of care is being scrutinised more closely than ever before by all representatives forming the NHS primary care chain.

In order for the consortia to be sustainable and effective commissioners, one of the basic things they have to do is ensure they have efficient healthcare IT solutions implemented without compromising patient services

EMIS’s key product offering known as EMIS Web is being used to support a number of innovative projects in extended primary care, including minor surgery clinics, diabetic shared care and heart failure clinics, as well as providing a functionally rich tool for community matrons, physiotherapists and district nurses.

EMIS Web for GPs

EMIS Web offers significant efficiency, and improved patient care features, providing the GP practice with all the key modules required from a leading clinical system: medical record summary, prescribing, appointments, searches and consultation mode.

EMIS has worked closely with practising GPs throughout the development of EMIS Web, to find out exactly what practices want from their ideal clinical system and turn it into a reality. Users of EMIS Web benefit from:

  • fast data entry - EMIS Web ensures that complex data entry is as quick as possible, such as the new protocol builder, templates and concept manager.
  •  rapid view of patient record - using EMIS Web means that key information is just one click away. Data can be quickly accessed and analysed using the new patient summary, intelligent graphical trend analysis and linked problem data functions.
  • easy QOF data completion - you can quickly enter missing QOF data using a new auto-template function. Real time alerts for the current patient are displayed on screen.
  • fast referral management - referrals are easy thanks to EMIS Web’s integration with Choose and Book.
  • comprehensive workflow manager - you can handle all incoming documents from one inbox - including scanned documents, pathology results and letters - allowing you to code, comment and file quickly and efficiently.

EMIS Web offers many more advanced timesaving features to help GPs focus on delivering the best possible pro-active patient care.

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