bpas supports reproductive choice by advocating and providing high quality, affordable services to prevent unwanted pregnancy with contraception or end it by abortion.

bpas formerly British Pregnancy Advisory Service (registered charity 289145) was established in 1968 to provide a safe, legal abortion service. Today bpas collaborates closely with the NHS to provide bespoke, holistic sexual health services to complement local NHS care pathways.

Treatment can be arranged on a private basis, with one call from the service user.

bpas provides 2 out of 3 abortion treatments at 23 weeks gestation and more early medical abortion (EMA or ‘the abortion pill’) than any other single UK provider. Comprehensive treatment choice is available to suit women’s stated preferences and clinical needs.

bpas uses any financial surplus generated to improve client services and advance its charitable objectives with regard to education, research, development and promotion of evidence based best practice.

bpas believes that currently available methods of contraception cannot prevent all unintended pregnancies and legal abortion is necessary if women are to regulate their fertility

None of us are perfect and few women use contraception perfectly all the time. Even LARC which takes much of the potential for human failing out of the equation is not totally failsafe as recent events reported in the media have shown

bpas treats all clients with dignity and respect providing confidential, non judgmental services

In 2010 bpas helped 56,819 women with impartial, non-directive, unplanned pregnancy counselling: 7,974 of these women decided against proceeding to treatment. At bpas we feel that it is important for every woman to be given enough time and support to make the decision which feels best for her.

“The lengths that bpas staff went to in highlighting all the options available to my client, resulted in her making a positive choice about her pregnancy, rather than feeling that she had no control or choice”
Elaine Doherty – Pregnancy Options Advisor South Tyneside

bpas services

Abortion – medical and surgical treatment options available up to 24 weeks. Local and general anaesthetic surgical options are available. Services include:

  • Unplanned pregnancy counselling, consultation includes blood tests, scan and full medical assessment
  • STI screening service; may include contact tracing, partner notification, treatment and referral to GUM if necessary. Tests for Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV and syphilis
  • Contraception counselling and supply – various options as follows:
    • dedicated contraception counselling over the telephone prior to consultation/medical assessment abortion (as contracted)
    • Face to face contraception counselling
    • Supply and fit of contraception methods best suited to post abortion clients (can include LARC)
    • Emergency contraception – prescribed in advance of need
  • Aftercare nurse led 24 hour telephone post treatment triage.
  • Post abortion counselling

Contraceptive and Sexual Health Testing Services – can be provided independently from abortion provision by local arrangement

Vasectomy – scalpel and non scalpel treatment under local or general anaesthetic

Female sterilisation – is available from bpas Leamington

bpas Healthcare – a range of specialised booking services is provided by our contact centre:

  • Central Booking services – bpas can manage a local abortion referral pathway, making bookings across a range of agency and NHS providers, facilitating greater choice for the woman and quicker access to treatment. This means more under 10 week gestations at the time of treatment which equates to direct financial savings and safer clinical outcomes.
  • Complex placements – bpas treats many women with medical complications but sometimes to mitigate risk it is necessary to refer patients on to an NHS hospital setting. bpas helps any woman or healthcare professional experiencing difficulties identifying a suitable treatment site.

Health promotion and education – bpas demonstrates a commitment to education, research and the development of good practice as follows:

  • Contraceptive, and pregnancy option training for external organisations
  • Evidence based research (see the “knowledge” section of bpas website)
  • Publication of Abortion Review and bpas Update Newsletters
  • Youth Strategy – bpas provides for talks and resources to schools and youth projects. Where can you find us?

Where are we based?

bpas’ national network of clinics and consultation centres operates from 54 sites. In addition our UK based contact centre offers 24 hour services every day of the week

Why choose bpas?

You can trust bpas to care for your patient with a high quality, holistic service honed over 40 years of specialist experience.

To make a booking simply call 08457 30 40 30

Want to find out more?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our service provision then email info@bpas.org