Bio-Life Allergy Preventatives - “treating the cause, not the symptoms”

Bio-Life, established in 2000, is the UK’s leading specialist in indoor allergy prevention. The products formulated by Pharmaceutical Chemist, David Munden and the Biologist, Mary Lloyd, are independently tested for efficacy and Allergy UK and National Pharmacy Association approved.

The Need for Allergy Prevention

There are over 18 million allergy sufferers in the UK, 12.2 million of whom visit their GP’s annually for immuno-suppressant drugs that alleviate the symptoms but fail to tackle the underlying causes. The costs to the NHS estimated at £1.2 billion per annum are unsustainable when GP’s are struggling to meet the needs of patients with life threatening diseases such as cancer. Bio-Life offer affordable alternatives.

The Science & the Solution

The most common causes of rhinitis, atopic conjunctivitis, wheezing, asthma, dermatitis & hives in order of importance aredustmite, cats, dogs, pollen and moulds. According to Allergy UK and the AAAI, 80% of asthmatics and dermatitis sufferers react to dustmites & dustmite residues; 72% to cats and 38% to dogs. The better known seasonal allergy, hayfever, is estimated to account for only around 18% of the population.

Allergens are positively charged particles and therefore encapsulated and neutralised by negatively charged surfactants. Essential oils namely Peruvian Balsam and Eucalyptus are natural acaricides. These form the basis of the Bio-Life product formulations.

Dustmite are ubiquitous and year round in the modern home residing predominantly in mattresses, bedding, soft furnishings and carpets. Bio-Life HomeCleanse™ is a trigger pump spray for the treatment of  beds & soft furnishings. Used once per month every month, it maintains a dustmite free environment proven to reduce bronchial hyper-reactivity in asthma sufferers and a four fold reduction in the incidence of recurring atopic dermatitis.

Bio-Life FabriCleanse™ is a laundry AND carpet cleaning additive that denature dustmite & pet allergens as well as pollen and moulds. Effective even in cool washes, it is ideal for the routine cleaning of the bedding and night clothes of allergy sufferers. Carpet cleaning once every 3 months deals with any household accumulation.

Bio-Life Air Cleanse™ is especially recommended for airborne allergens principally pet and pollen. Hayfever sufferers are recommended to use the spray  at midday and between 5 & 6 pm in the evening when the pollen count is at its highest. A spray in the bedroom last thing at night guarantees a pollen free night and this is equivalent to halving the pollen count in the air!!

A once per week spray is recommended in the allergy suffering pet owners home or immediately prior to the arrival of an allergic visitor.

Bio-Life PetalCleanse™ is a lotion that removes from the coat the allergens that cause both inhaled and contact allergic diseases. Contrary to popular opinion, pet allergens come from the saliva onto the coat when the animals clean themselves & is not caused by the hair per se. 82% of the allergen becomes airborne unless removed. Wiping the pet with 30mls of the lotion once per week is sufficient to reduce the pet allergen level in the home to a level that can be tolerated by over 97% of allergy sufferers. Some practitioners may think that getting rid of the pet is the obvious solution --- but 82% of owners do not!!

Performance monitoring of the Bio-Life products in the UK, Norway, Sweden, France, Israel & Japan reveal a success rate in excess of 85% in the prevention of allergic diseases.

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