Smoothwall is a specialist developer and provider of internet security and web filtering solutions, established as a company in 2001. Our web filtering capability is world class due to the real-time, content-aware analysis, and is combined with next generation firewall for enterprise-grade protection. Our roots began in the open source community and we have now expanded to include operating bases in both the UK and the US, with a partner network around the globe of over 60 countries. We pioneered the development of real-time content-aware analysis enabling millions of users worldwide to access legitimate online resources, and now we specialise in delivering intelligent web filtering solutions designed around the unique needs of the public sector. We are proud members of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and share their goal of making the internet a safer place not just for children, but for everyone.

In healthcare, Smoothwall currently protects over 100,000 staff split across NHS trusts and CSUs, and our web filtering is favoured by the healthcare sector because of its real-time content-aware analysis, audit level reporting and guest wi-fi capabilities. With over 120 filtering categories that can be used to tailor a user's web browsing experience, you can ensure harmful content is out of reach.

Smoothwall understands that the UK Health and Social care sector is constantly facing unique challenges when trying to ensure safe internet access for its clinical and non-clinical staff, patients and visitors. With the government driving the movement of free wi-fi into all UK NHS healthcare organisations, you now need to be able to secure your environments whilst maintaining a satisfactory online experience for users wanting to freely browse the web.

Smoothwall also understands that healthcare networks have a multitude of different users all requiring internet access for different purposes, therefore Smoothwall’s web filtering solutions are designed to provide custom, safe and secure internet access which has benefits for both staff welfare and patient rehabilitation. Corporate solutions allow you to apply web filtering to all staff members with the ability to add granular categorisation and bandwidth control to ensure that business critical services are always available to those who need it.

Smoothwall’s granular categorisation allows the application of different filtering rulesets per user group, providing multiple levels of categorisation for clinical and non-clinical staff members based on the need to access sensitive data. In order for you to make the most of your bandwidth it is key to ensure that you are able to minimise the impact that streaming online media and file sharing can cause, without the need to fully block these services altogether. Smoothwall’s bandwidth management allows you to restrict the amount of bandwidth available for any use that could have a negative impact on business critical services carried out by staff.

Smoothwall understands the importance of internet access, not only for staff and corporate functionalities but also for patient welfare and rehabilitation. In a survey conducted by Smoothwall, it was found that 97% of participants stated that being able to access the internet during their stay in hospital would improve their visit. Smoothwall understands that it is not only important to provide patients with guest wi-fi, but also ensure that all patients and staff are safeguarded. Audit level reporting allows you to view reports of web activity on your network in real-time with over 300 report templates included across the Smoothwall range.

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