1 April 2016

RCGPNI Response to Revised Termination of Pregnancy Guidance

Dr John O’Kelly, Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners NI, said: “The revised termination of pregnancy guidance is a step forward for helping family doctors to provide compassionate care to women facing crisis pregnancies and provides improved clarity to GPs. However, uncertainty still remains around particular aspects relating to pregnancy terminations.

“It is essential that GPs have clear guidance to follow to allow us to advise, support and care for patients appropriately, whilst remaining soundly within the boundaries of law.

“The law relating to the termination of pregnancy here continues to differ from that in the rest of the UK and it is important to highlight that this guidance does not change the current law.

“It is vital that all issues around termination of pregnancy are fully addressed and RCGP NI also welcomes the formation of a working group which will look at other areas such as pregnancy affected by fatal foetal abnormality.”

Further Information

If you would like any further information, please contact Clare Higgins on T: 020 3188 7726  E: clare.higgins@rcgp.org.uk


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