13 August 2012

RCGP Unveils New-Look GP Training Curriculum

The RCGP has updated its GP training curriculum to make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

The updated curriculum reflects latest developments in general practice, GP training needs and patient expectations.

The changes will apply to trainees beginning their training programme this month  (August 2012 ) and are part of the College’s ongoing response to feedback gathered from trainees, trainers and the wider training community.

The national curriculum was introduced in August 2007 - the first of its kind for general practice in the UK - and is followed by all studying for the MRCGP examination.

It defines the learning outcomes for the specialty of general practice and describes the competences required to practise medicine as a general practitioner in the UK NHS. It  also prepares the doctor for a professional life of development and change.

In the updated version, leadership and sustainability has been emphasised. The learning outcomes remain essentially the same but there have been changes to the presentation, structure and language to make it more accessible to GPs at all stages of their training.

Dr Charlotte Tulinius, RCGP Medical Director of Curriculum, said: “The key message is that the core statement Being a GP is the Curriculum. The four contextual statements and the 21 clinical examples are just illustrations of how to use the core statement in your GP training and after CCT as a lifelong learner.

“The added case illustrations, the colour coding of competences, and the edited language should make this much clearer.

“The RCGP is very grateful for all the formal and informal feedback we have received. The users of the curriculum are the true experts, so feedback from trainers and trainees is the most important way we can ensure that our training curriculum remains contemporaneous, fit for purpose, relevant to the trainee and relevant to patients.

“The RCGP Curriculum will continue to evolve as general practice evolves to ensure that our trainees receive the best possible grounding in patient care, and that our experienced colleagues continue to deliver the high quality patient care we know from UK general practice today."


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The curriculum can be viewed at http://www.rcgp-curriculum.org.uk/curriculum_documents/recent_changes.aspx

The new user guide can be downloaded from the RCGP website and used on any smart phone. Being a GP will be available in the same format at the end of August.

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