25 October 2013

RCGP Response to Pulse Article on MRCGP Exam

The RCGP has responded to a Pulse article on the MRCGP exam

They said:

"The recent independent and official review of our exam commissioned by the General Medical Council found no evidence of discrimination. As the review highlights there are indeed differences in the pass rates between doctors who are from white ethnic backgrounds and those who are from minority ethnic backgrounds, particularly international medical graduates. These are differences that exist across many medical specialities and in higher education more generally.

"The College has been very open about the differential pass rates for many years, and has commissioned and supported internal and external research to try and identify what the cause, or causes, may be. Indeed, we were also one of the first medical royal colleges to publish the exam results highlighting the differences.

"We have ensured that there is a diversity of ethnicity and gender in our examiners and role players. The percentage of examiners and role players who are from minority ethnic backgrounds is higher than that of the UK population.

"Our exam is in place because as a medical royal college, our principal responsibility is to the nation’s patients.

"It is our job to ensure that, through a fair process, all of the doctors who qualify as GPs meet the requisite standards for ensuring safe patient care. That is what the public expects of us, and that is what we deliver."

Read the GMC's independent and official review

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