14 November 2016

RCGP Launches New Brain Tumours in Children Toolkit

A new resource to support GPs, their teams, and parents to spot signs of brain tumours in children and young people has been launched today by the Royal College of GPs, in partnership with the University of Nottingham’s HeadSmart campaign.

The toolkit has been developed as part of the College’s clinical spotlight project on Brain Tumours in Children, which began in June, recognising that brain tumours account for a quarter of all UK childhood cancers, and are currently the commonest cause of cancer death in children.

It has been designed to help GPs and other primary care professionals to spot signs of brain tumours in children as early as possible by highlighting ‘red flag’ symptoms to look out for, and providing up-to-date guidance and training resources all in one place.

The toolkit also provides information for patients and parents, as well as signposting them to organisations that will support those who have been recently diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Dr Rebecca Chellaswamy, RCGP Clinical Lead for brain tumours in children, who developed the toolkit, said: “Symptoms of brain tumours are often non-specific and difficult to spot – but avoiding delays in diagnosis is crucial in order to prevent worse neurological outcomes for patients who survive brain tumours.

“It is particularly challenging in general practice to establish whether a child needs a brain scan to exclude or diagnose a brain tumour within the constraints of the standard 10 minute consultation.

“We hope that this toolkit provides the much needed support for GPs and our teams, and our patients – particularly parents of young children - to highlight what to look out for, and raise awareness of current guidelines, in this relatively rare but important area, which will ultimately improve outcomes for our patients.”

Further Information

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