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Noctura 400 Sleep Mask by PolyPhotonix Medical

Cost effective prevention & treatment for diabetic eye disease

Noctura 400 Sleep MaskPolyPhotonix Medical Ltd is a biophotonic healthcare company researching the therapeutic use of light in a number of clinical areas including eye disease.

The recently launched Noctura 400 Sleep Mask, is a monitored ophthalmic treatment for diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema; serious complications of diabetes which can lead to complete blindness. The mask can be used at any stage of disease progression, offers significant cost savings, and is now available for clinical use.

Non-invasive technology
A soft fabric mask houses a pod that delivers a precise dose of light therapy during a patient’s normal hours of sleep. It works by reducing the oxygen demand of the eye’s retina during the night. This lowers the risk of retinal hypoxia, which has been shown to be a key contributing factor in the development of retinopathy in diabetes patients.

Cost effective alternative
This award-winning, innovative device differs entirely from current treatments, such as intravitreal injections or retinal laser therapy, which require frequent hospital attendances, have serious side effects and are invasive and uncomfortable for the patient.  These procedures are expensive for the NHS, inconvenient for the patient, add to the already serious capacity issues in hospital eye clinics and are generally given only when eye complications have advanced to a late stage and sight is seriously threatened.

The Noctura 400 sleep mask offers treatment and prevention and can be delivered at a fraction of the current treatment cost.

Reduce waiting times and increase clinic capacity
Each Noctura 400 Sleep Mask lasts 12 weeks and as the light therapy is designed to be self-administered at home by the patient themselves, it can be prescribed and managed on an ongoing basis at different points in the current care pathway. It can be used in parallel with current treatments in the hospital setting where it will reduce the need and frequency of follow up appointments and standard treatments or alternatively there is the option to treat patients at an earlier stage to slow or halt the progression of their eye disease and reduce referrals into the hospital eye service.

Care pathway redesign
This simple treatment ticks all the boxes in the current NHS strategy. CCGs are interested in the opportunity it offers of prevention, delivering services in a primary care setting, maximising effectiveness of early screening services and keeping patients out of the acute setting. NHS Trusts can benefit from reduced treatment costs, waiting time reductions and reducing the pressure on the already over-subscribed eye clinics, allowing injection clinic time to be reallocated to other serious eye diseases.

Clinically proven and CE certified
Noctura 400 has completed a number of clinical trials and is supported by a comprehensive technical file. It is fully CE marked, based on proven safety and efficacy data and further health economic studies and post market evaluations continue to add to the body of evidence. The mask is being exported and used in a number of European countries and FDA approval is pending.

Simple to purchase through an NHS procurement framework
PolyPhotonix has been awarded a Single Supplier National Framework Agreement for the supply of Noctura 400 Sleep Masks by NHS Commercial Procurement Services. The Framework is free for all NHS bodies to use, is EU compliant and requires no further competitive process to be undertaken.

Find out more
Whether your interests are from a CCG or NHS Trust perspective, whether you are a clinician, a manager, a budget holder or a specialist nurse, we invite you to find out more about how to make Noctura 400 available for your patients.

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