Founded in 2012 by Dietitian Paul Gough, Nualtra is a dedicated supplier of Medical Nutrition with the goal of delivering great-tasting, affordable Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS).

Our purpose is to create better choices in medical nutrition and we hope to transform the market by innovating the best-tasting and most cost effective products.

We are currently the fastest growing Medical Nutrition Company in the UK and Ireland, working closely with CCGs, Nursing Homes and Health Authorities to introduce our range of supplements and improve patient health through enabling a higher rate of compliance. Nualtra’s supplements have been proven to achieve up to 96% patient compliance – a rate that reflects our commitment to produce the best-tasting products in the industry.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver great-tasting supplements at an affordable price whilst offering a more responsive level of service for our customers.

Better Compliance

We believe great-tasting supplements are at the heart of improving patient compliance and reducing product waste; this is why we invest so much in trying to produce the best-tasting products on the market.

Our supplements have been proven to achieve market-leading patient compliance rates of up to 96%.

Better Affordability

We enable cost-effective prescribing by delivering affordable medical nutrition, allowing the NHS to release savings that can be invested elsewhere in the healthcare economy.

Since launch in 2012, we have released around £8m worth of cost savings for the NHS.

Better Support

We invest heavily in local customer support initiatives with the goal of delivering real value. In the UK, we are working alongside clinicians and payers to help them implement appropriate prescribing initiatives, we’re investing in cost saving tools such as and offering highly responsive marketing support to enable them to improve support to their patients. In Ireland, we are continually evolving our nursing home support programme, developing mentor schemes and investing heavily in new exciting developments such as Nualtra Academy which will provide a platform for our customers to develop their knowledge and awareness around malnutrition.