30 June 2015

NHS Alliance Responds to Jeremy Hunt’s Speech on a New Deal for General Practice

Dr Michael Dixon, chair of NHS Alliance, said: “NHS Alliance welcomes today’s speech from the Secretary of State. I have long believed general practice is the jewel in the NHS crown, and today’s affirmation of this indicates we are likely to see a new dawn for general practice and primary care.

“Fundamental to today’s speech is the belief that general practice has the answers to a sustainable NHS. However, the Secretary of State recognises that for the average GP, the day job has become undoable because of increasing demand, and insufficient resources to meet it. Consequently, I am delighted to hear the announcement of extra staff of all kinds, who can help restore general practice as a fulfilling career for GPs, enabling us to provide personal care and continuity with improved access.

“It is also encouraging to know that there is an ongoing commitment and funding to improve primary care infrastructure, and make greater use of technology wherever possible.

“NHS Alliance is pleased that the Secretary of State recognises the strain many GPs currently face due to increasing amounts of paperwork, and NHS Alliance has been working with NHS England on a project specifically aimed at reducing bureaucracy and workload in general practice. The findings are currently being collated and will be shared with the Department of Health in the near future.

“NHS Alliance has advocated social prescribing for many years, and we are pleased to hear it mentioned so favourably today. If GPs are to be the gatekeepers of the NHS, it is important they are equipped with the tools to improve patients’ wellbeing, and in many cases, social prescribing allows us to do so without a medical intervention.”

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