7 November 2014

NHS Alliance Produces Briefing On Primary Care And Housing

The NHS Alliance has produced a new ‘Viewpoint’ briefing on primary care and housing for members of the Housing LIN (Learning and Improvement Network), titled Breaking Boundaries: reinventing primary care www.housinglin.org.uk/PrimaryCare_Viewpoint.

A recent survey showed that seven out of ten GPs believe housing support services are crucial to patient health and many of them also believe they save money, but over 80% are unsure how to commission such services. [1] The NHS Alliance believes this needs to change so that GPs and other health care professionals know how to access suitable housing and community-based health and care solutions. Primary care is changing rapidly and this briefing aims to make housing professionals aware of those changes – it is a small step towards better partnership working.

People’s housing, and preventative services they receive from housing organisations, already play a major part in keeping them well in their homes and within the community. In the light of the changes taking place across the NHS, such as the bigger focus on ‘out-of-hospital’ care, the NHS Alliance is keen to explore ways in which housing organisations might support positive transformation of the NHS, particularly around its interface with communities.

Rick Stern, chief executive of the NHS Alliance, said: “We know of instances where housing organisations are already playing significant roles that reduce the burden on the NHS. We are keen to understand how they might contribute further to the NHS objectives of excellent patient experience and value for money. This Viewpoint provides a narrative about current developments in primary care in order to give housing partners a clearer view of how they might best engage. It is particularly timely, now that we have a new direction provided by the NHS Five Year Forward View”.

Speaking at the annual National Children’s & Adult Services conference in Manchester, Jeremy Porteus, director of the Housing LIN said: “Coming hot on the heels of NHS England’s Five Year Forward View, we are delighted to publish this thought-provoking viewpoint by NHS Alliance. When talking integration, we need a better understanding of how we connect home, health & wellbeing and caring communities. General practice is acutely aware of this and, with a greater emphasis on care closer to home, tailoring primary care to meet the rising expectations of individuals and communities.”


NHS Alliance

NHS Alliance is the leading independent voice for primary care, bringing together patients, frontline staff, providers and commissioners bound the common values of the NHS. Its core purpose is to work collaboratively to improve health care within a sustainable NHS, facilitating new and better ways of delivering services through its networks and campaigns. It welcomes patient-focused organisations and individuals of all disciplines, representing them to government and its agencies to influence policy in the interests of all its members.

Housing LIN

Previously responsible for the Department of Health’s ‎extra care fund, the Housing LIN (Learning and Improvement Network) is the leading ‘knowledge hub’ for a growing number of housing, health and social care practitioners in England and Wales. To view the Housing LIN’s comprehensive ‘Health Intel’ pages, go to: www.housinglin.org.uk/healthandhousing.

[1] www.housing.org.uk/media/press-releases/gps-unsure-how-to-commission-vital-support-services