4 February 2014

NHS Alliance Forms Partnership with Network Locum

NHS Alliance, the leading representative organisation for provision in primary care, has formed a strategic partnership with Network Locum, the UK’s leading online community for GP locums.

The partnership will allow NHS Alliance members to receive a discount on the use of Network Locums services, as practices will be charged a 10% commission instead of the usual 15%, saving them a third of the cost. Additionally, each new practice will receive a £50 voucher off the first post filled using the organisation. The offer will extend to all practices that are currently members of NHS Alliance and to those that join within the next year.

Rick Stern, chief executive, NHS Alliance said: “GPs across the country are feeling overstretched, and under a lot of pressure as they are given more and more responsibilities, such as out of hours and elderly care duties. This partnership will offer our members the opportunity to gain some well needed head space, as they will be able to recruit locums easily and at a discount rate, and hopefully this will enable them to relieve pressures in their practice.”

Melissa Morris, chief executive, Network Locum said: “Over the past year we have helped practices all over the country to build and manage their own locum bank, and reduce their reliance on agencies. I am delighted to be partnering with the NHS Alliance which is supporting us to reach more practices and allow them to make more savings.”


NHS Alliance

NHS Alliance is the leading independent voice for primary care, bringing together patients, frontline staff, providers and commissioners bound by the common values of the NHS. Its core purpose is to work collaboratively to improve health care within a sustainable NHS, facilitating new and better ways of delivering services through its networks and campaigns. It welcomes patient-focused organisations and individuals of all disciplines, representing them to government and its agencies to influence policy in the interests of all its members.

For further information please contact rebecca.riffel@salixconsulting.com, 020 8675 4779 / 07725 555030 (24/7)

Network Locum

Network Locum is the UKs leading online locum staffing platform, built bespoke for General Practice. It allows practices to connect instantly to a pool of 1,500 vetted GPs. Network Locum is helping practices half their locum recruiting costs and save practice managers a significant amount of time spent booking locums.

For further information please visit www.networklocum.com to create your account, or contact Melissa.morris@networklocum.com / 020 3603 9242.