20 Sep 2016

New NHS Alliance Welcomes Forward View for Community Pharmacy

New NHS Alliance whole-heartedly support Pharmacy Voice’s Forward View for Community Pharmacy. We have long held the view that community pharmacy is an essential element to reduce the demand on general practice and to share the workload through effective partnership. Our recent support for the role of community pharmacy includes:

We are, therefore, highly supportive of the three domains and also see community pharmacy as the first port of call for patients, a facilitator of personalised care for people with long term conditions and as a key community hub for health and wellbeing. We join in the vision to see two pharmacists on duty in most pharmacies, most of the time.

We believe that community pharmacy has a central role to play and it is important for NHS England, CCG and local authority to come together to make this a reality. Now is the time to overcome issues around variation in delivery and reshape service to fill the widening gaps in current service provision.

Community pharmacy owners must buy into the concepts and support their community pharmacists to develop the skills to deliver at a grand scale. There is an opportunity for community pharmacy to lead their future that we cannot afford to miss.


For more information, please contact Sophie Lap at sophie.lap@salixandco.com or on 07725 555 030

  • Mark Robinson, New NHS Alliance national executive, and Dr Mark Spencer, New NHS Alliance co-chair are both available for further comment
  • New NHS Alliance is a movement of people and organisations who are committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service. They are an entirely solutions focused organisation, unique in its approach bringing together more than 10,000 passionate individuals and organisations across primary care who believe innovation, connections and integration are key to the sustainability of a health service that remains free to all at the point of need. New NHS Alliance promote greater collaboration between organisations within the NHS and between the NHS, communities, local authorities, innovative enterprises and other local enablers of prevention and health creation.