04 April 2017

New NHS Alliance Responds to NHS Guidelines And Review of Prescriptions

The New NHS Alliance welcomes yesterday’s announcement of the new NHS guidelines and widespread review of prescriptions. We are glad that the government is responding to elements within our report – ‘Supporting the Development of Community Pharmacy Practice within Primary Care’ * – and we wait for further recommendations to be taken forward.

Mark Robinson, NNHSA Executive, Special Advisor – Medicines, Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation, comments:

“We welcome the discussion about which medicines should be funded by the NHS. We see this as a mechanism to reduce demand in General Practice and encourage people to make better use of the clinical skills of their community pharmacist – a much under-utilised  resource within primary care. We note that the list is just a draft and welcome the discussion on which medicines could be better managed through community pharmacy. It represents a sensible move when evidence based medicine is key and the NHS is experiencing increasing demand and severe financial restraint. This is just one element of our recommendations and we would welcome wider discussion on the report as a whole.”