12 September 2017

New NHS Alliance Calls for National Policy Changes to Help Close the Gap Between North-South Mortality Rates

Research findings on ‘North-South disparities in English mortality 1965– 2015: longitudinal population study’ by Manchester Academics, show that large and disturbing differences in premature mortality have emerged since 1995 – particularly in the age group 35-44 and also in the age group 25-34.

Responding to the findings, New NHS Alliance is calling for:

  • Further analyses to establish premature mortality changes among different socio-economic groups and gender-specific differences
  • Qualitative research to be carried out by people from the groups most affected among their peers into (1) the reasons for the increased mortality rates and (2) potential solutions to the problem (supported by trained researchers), and published
  • All Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) to work in equal partnership with the affected communities to work up plans to reverse the trend – including identifying national policy changes required
  • Government minsters to respond to the research findings and STPs’ requests

Heather Henry, New NHS Alliance Chair, said:

“These research findings have uncovered unacceptable variations in health outcomes between north and south among those of working age. Apart from the human cost, this must be having an impact on the economic success of the northern regions and it’s important that we get to the bottom of what’s causing this to happen. The affected communities will know what the problems are and where some of the solutions lie … it’s critical that we empower and listen to them if we are to address this successfully.”