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Mediracer® Ltd was founded in 2002 to develop Point of Care products in the field of clinical neurophysiology for patient examinations adapted to the needs of primary health care. Our mission is to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for examination of the most common peripheral nerve disorders like diabetic foot neuropathy. To fulfill our visions we are working in close collaboration with neurophysiology experts and our solutions are based on clinical studies.


Mediracer’s multidisciplinary team of experts includes internationally recognized medical specialists, biomedical engineers, software engineers and business professionals. Our aim is to improve our solutions and make them more innovative to contribute to improvement of peripheral neuropathy health care.



Our aim is to improve cost-effective solutions for examination and quality of life by reducing waiting periods in health care systems offering fast and reliable tools for hand doctors and physiotherapists.


Mediracers® vision has always been improving quality of life. To accomplish this we provide accurate, easy and reliable sensory and motor nerve conduction examinations to as many as possible.


Our aim is to provide high quality products to improve our solutions and make them more innovative to contribute to improvement of health care.

Assessment solution for peripheral neuropathies

The Mediracer® NCS is used for measuring sensory and motor nerve conduction from peripheral nerves. The measured data can be utilized in diagnosing and evaluating systemic and entrapment neuropathies. Current application allows examination of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome related median nerve entrapment and ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow. The tests are performed using disposable adhesive surface electrodes. Test results can be used to determine if the finding is abnormal and to grade the severity of the nerve entrapment.

The Mediracer® NCS is intended to measure sensory and motor nerve conduction from peripheral nerves, but it is used mainly to perform Carpal tunnel syndrome and Ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow tests. The diagnostic method is sensitive (94%) and specific (98%) compared to the conventional nerve conduction studies performed by a specialist when detecting Median nerve entrapment.

Mediracer® NCS is hand held device for fast, cost-effective and easy diagnosis tool for measuring sensory and motor nerve conductions.

Mediracer® NCS requires only a short training to operate and easy to use analysis software makes the examination process straightforward. The handset is simple and intuitive to use and the electrodes are designed and shaped to ensure easy and correct attachment.

Mediracer® NCS solution includes Mediracer® NCS-device, electrodes, cables, charger and analysis software for PC, as well as built-in introduction and training modules.

Easy to use

Mediracer® NCS is simple and intuitive to use. Electrodes are shaped to make it easy to place them correctly and inclusive training is provided by Mediracer® Service Center.

Portable and handheld device

Compact sized system device is extremely user friendly with clear button controls. Using only three buttons to start a test, set stimulation levels and average responses makes operating the Mediracer easy.

Clinically proven

Reliability and accuracy of Mediracer® NCS is clinically proven in studies conducted by neurophysiology experts.

Real Time Monitoring

Fastest process with immediate confirmation of the existence and severity of the condition during first visit. Reducing waiting periods in clinics and hospitals.


Only non-invasive surface electrodes are used.


Reliable method confirmed by clinical studies; sensitivity 94% and specificity 98% for entrapment neuropathies like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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