Puracyn plus

Positive Change Begins with a Simple but Powerful Vision

Innovacyn, Inc. is dedicated to improving wound management outcomes across the world. Family-owned and operated, everything we do is inspired by this vision. From hand-building our facilities and growing a dedicated team, to delivering the highest-quality products, every step of our process is made with the power of change in mind.

Starting with improving the standard of care for humans and animals, we believe that small change, applied at the right time, can positively impact wound management outcomes across the world. With costs of wound management and healthcare rising globally, Innovacyn, Inc. is dedicated to providing safe and effective products that can help reduce the economic impact and the burden of wound care for humans and animals.

Since 2009, Innovacyn, Inc. has been a leader in creating innovative medical devices and solutions, and driving advancements in the human and animal health industries. Innovacyn, Inc. manufactures and markets the Puracyn® Plus Family of Products for human use, and the Vetericyn® Family of Products for animal use. Innovacyn, Inc. is headquartered in Rialto, CA, USA where the company develops and manufactures its line of innovative hypochlorous products.

The Gold Standard in Hypochlorous Technology

Innovacyn, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most advanced hypochlorous products on the wound care market. Many of our products utilize an electrochemical treatment process of diluted saltwater that generates a pH-balanced solution of hypochlorous. This process allows us to create different formulations of the solution that can be used for a variety of applications in animal and human health.

The Science of Impact

The Innovacyn family of products focuses on innovation, safety, efficacy and evidence-based technology. By producing innovative healthcare products based on advanced scientific research, Innovacyn, Inc. delivers products poised to revolutionize healthcare, create value for its trade partners, and enrich the lives of consumers.

Our technologies are FDA-cleared, non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, and antibiotic-free. Delivered as solutions in preservative, Innovacyn, Inc. products have a stable shelf life, which results from the unique solution chemistry imparted through our manufacturing process. We create products that are safe, highly effective, and clear the way for optimal healing conditions.

Our Process

From research and development to manufacturing, Innovacyn, Inc. produces all Puracyn® Plus products 100% in-house. Our commitment to quality and teamwork ensures a standard of excellence through every stage of production in our FDA-registered facilities. This commitment is accomplished through compliance to the FDA QSR, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CAN/CSA-ISO13485:03 and CMDR SOR/98-282, communicating company goals and quality objectives throughout the organization, and our continual review and improvement of the Quality Management System to ensure the highest quality of all products and customer satisfaction.

A Commitment to Wound Care

Innovacyn, Inc. is committed to providing clinicians and patients with the products and support they need to advance the awareness and science of wound care. We fund ongoing research and wound care education programs to help progress knowledge and innovation within the field, and proudly support non-profits such as Wound Reach Foundation and Wounded Warriors in local communities, and Wound Relief in Haiti.