Espère Healthcare Ltd

Espère Healthcare Ltd is rapidly gaining a reputation as a leader in the development and commercialisation of a new concept in Medical Treatment – Biofunctional Textiles. These fabrics are specifically designed to produce therapeutic rather than just protective effects, either on their own or in conjunction with currently used conventional medications.

Over the past 6 years we’ve identified this emerging niche and sourced and commercialised products from technologies around the world to create a range of products to meet the needs of patients with skin conditions.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing was the first success. This fabric, developed in Italy was being used in Europe as “medical quality silk wellness clothing”. DermaSilk is designed to control temperature and humidity close to the skin and eliminate itch. It is now available online via our website and many of the garments can also be prescribed on the NHS for the management of eczema in children and adults. Since the original submission, further products have been added to the DermaSilk prescription portfolio to cover other conditions such as gravitational eczema in the elderly and a severe, debilitating skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa. DermaSilk is now being positively included in Eczema management guidelines which are being followed by GPs, Dermatologists and Nurses.

Espère’s second product is DermaTherapy Bedding which has been developed from a patented specially designed synthetic fabric, sourced from the USA. As well as being proven useful for Eczema this bedding has additional potential uses in Pressure Sore management, a source of significant debilitation amongst the elderly and infirm. The fabric has an antimicrobial finish bonded to it to help contain bacteria such as MRSA & C. Difficile. Please visit for more information.

For patients suffering from recurrent Thrush or Lichen Sclerosus, DermasilkIntimo briefs have recently been launched. Like the standard DermaSilk products these garments combine the antimicrobial finish and fibroin silk combination with the addition of a small amount of elastane hidden within the silk fabric but kept away from the skin. The result is an almost seamless, stretchy range of briefs and shorts in 5 styles. When worn continuously these briefs have been shown to reduce pain, burning and irritation associated with these conditions and have also reduced the number of Thrush infections suffered by these wearers. More information on these briefs can be found on

Espère are also developing these fabrics into new areas, with trials being undertaken in lymphodaema, Trench foot and End of Life Care. Other fabric technologies are also being investigated.

We’re not your typical healthcare company. We like to talk with our customers and learn from them as it is the best way to ensure we help them. We actively support dermatology education for nurses and patient self-help groups.