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With over 25 years’ experience, our core product ‘DigiScribe-XL’ is an end-to-end Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Referral Management system that is currently trusted by tens of thousands of UK professionals. With a building block approach, our solutions are tailored to suit the needs of any primary care environment with almost any budget.Crescendo Systems

  • Digital Dictation & Transcription brings efficiency gains from day one 
    Easy to deploy and easy to use, DigiScribe-XL (Desktop) speeds up the dictation process and dramatically reduces turnaround times. Being the only dictation supplier on the market working in real-time across your N3 Network, users can work from virtually any location, whether they are in the main practice or at a branch surgery without any impact on network speed.

  • Speech Recognition
    (Front-End) Speech Recognition, doctors have the ability to voice-activate their clinical system so they can navigate around patient screens and speak consultation notes rather than typing them.
    With (Back-End) Speech Recognition, doctors can dictate a referral and have the recognised text delivered to the secretary for proofing as opposed to typing from scratch. Crescendo’s integrated Speech Recognition solution thereby increases speed and accuracy, even when creating emails and searching the web. Medical terminology and drug names are built into the system to increase accuracy and eliminate spelling errors.

  • Smartphone Dictation
    Take your work on the go with our free iPhone and Windows dictation app.  Each dictation can be labelled with a patient ID, referral type and priority before being sent to the surgery web server for typing. Our standalone option will even support restricted networks with a built in 'dictate & e-mail' option.

  • Clinical Systems Integration with TPP, EMIS & INPS
    Seamless integration between Crescendo and leading clinical systems ensures correct labelling of patient demographics into every dictation, which speeds up the dictation process, eliminates typing errors and safeguards practices from potential cross referrals. Every time the dictation is edited or transcribed, the corresponding patient records is automatically loaded in your chosen clinical system, thereby ensuring the correct patient is selected every time.

  • Advanced Referral Reporting
    Our advance referral reporting module helps you make informed clinical decisions by providing detailed, real-time visibility over your referral trends within your practice/CCG/locality (who is referring what to where, high referrers, training needs, how do we stack up against others in our CCG, etc.)


    “Crescendo Speech Recognition allowed our practice to take the giant efficiency leap we had been eagerly expecting. With the £10,419 yearly savings the technology brought along, return on investment was as little as 6 months.”

    Outsourced Transcription available 24/7 and is cheaper than employing typing staff
    Whether you need ad-hoc or day-to-day document creation, we have the resources to suit your needs. With our selected partners, dictations can be sent offsite at the click of a button and are marked off on the system.

  • Security is another strength of ours
    DigiScribe-XL is the only Digital Dictation System on the market that meets both IGSoC (Information Governance Statement of Compliance) and GPSoC security requirements laid down by HSCIC. With Crescendo you can safely host, and share data across the NHS N3 with complete peace of mind.

  • Free 30-day Trials
    At Crescendo, bullet-proof technology meets value-for-money: we offer lower support fees and we don’t charge for Smartphone dictation or software upgrades. Book your free, 30-day trial here and find out why more and more UK practices are switching to Crescendo.

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