Cloud2 specialise in providing successful Microsoft-based information solutions for the NHS and the broader public and corporate sectors. Our expertise is to combine pre-configuration, for super-fast build and deployment, with flexibility to make solutions adaptable to an organisation’s needs.

Our innovative Hadron intranet approach is designed to deliver a world class transformational experience and is now proven in use in many major trusts, health organisations and private sector companies with resultant increases in productivity and efficiency. It has three essential components; Hadron Prime, Hadron 8020 and Hadron Embed.

Hadron Prime is all about establishing strategy and setting priorities, Hadron 8020 is the intranet platform itself built in SharePoint and Hadron Embed ensures high levels of user adoption and productivity within the organisation.

At the heart of Hadron 8020 is an Information Architecture that has been built specifically for the NHS and other sophisticated organisations. This enables documents and other information vital to organisations to be safely managed, stored, searched and retrieved; ensuring up-to-date approved information is instantly available to all users. It also enhances communication and collaboration at all levels.

We provide Microsoft Office 365 and have a version of Hadron developed for this platform, the leading cloud-based enterprise intranet for SharePoint. Underpinned by over six years of development, Hadron on Office 365 provides 24/7 access from anywhere.

Cloud2 solutions are scalable, closely matched to an organisations priorities and come with a full transfer of knowledge to ensure successful on-going usage and expansion. We have personally worked with hundreds of organisations and we have developed solutions that are both specific to their needs and draw on their commonalities.

Cloud2 also offer Kinesis; a software and a service solution for billable advice services, such as online dialogue between GPs and consultants to reduce unnecessary referrals, between patients and healthcare professionals for virtual clinics or between users and project/service leads.

Recognising that no organisation, of any size, can hope to provide expertise in every technology or service, we maintain a strong set of partnerships. These include enterprise technology partners such as Microsoft, Intel, Kodak, AvePoint, Bosch and Wand Technologies. We aim to bring the right mix to projects as required.

We can support a wide range of projects, with particular emphasis on document and information management; management and digitisation of paper assets, governance, real time and offline collaboration, business intelligence and many other organisational and clinical activities.

Our style is frank and supportive and we love to make intranets, and the business applications that run on them, totally in tune with the organisation.

Cloud2 has offices in Yorkshire and operate nationally.

Cloud2 Limited
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