About the Company

270 Vision Limited, the Company behind BPMpathway, is a specialist product design and development company focused on innovative medical-grade wearable sensor and advanced body data analysis technology. BPMpathway was developed as a medical-grade clinical device to enable clinicians to remotely monitor the progress of orthopaedic patients as they recover at home from surgery.

B. Braun Aesculap recently announced a strategic investment into 270 Vision Limited to acquire exclusive distribution rights to BPMpathway, which forms a fundamental element of their TOTAL pathway concept for Orthopaedic Joint Replacement. This concept delivers tailored solutions for the critical phases prior to, during and after the surgery. It is intended to accelerate and enhance patient recovery, whilst simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

The need for post-operative assessment

The global market for post-operative assessment is huge. 85% of all hip and knee replacements are carried out because of osteoarthritis, set to become the fourth leading cause of global disability by 2020. It is a well-established fact that NHS hospitals are under intense pressure to reduce waiting times for replacement surgery and improve patient outcomes, along with a growing emphasis on delivering personalised care.

With the help of BPMpathway medical-grade technology, orthopaedic patients are being discharged as early as the day of their surgery, with clinicians continuing to remotely monitor their recovery on a daily basis. Not only does this offer the potential for enormous cost savings, there is the additional benefit of minimising the patients’ exposure to the additional complication of hospital-acquired infections.

Using the patient data delivered by BPMpathway, clinicians can tailor the patient’s post-operative support during their recovery to meet their individual needs, thereby efficiently prioritising resources where they are needed most.

Remote patient monitoring using BPMpathway has the further advantage of helping the clinician identify very subtle deterioration in the Range and Quality of Motion, which may be indicative of a developing issue that requires intervention, without necessarily waiting for a face to face consultation with the patient.

BPMpathway wearable technology has been developed to actively involve the patient in their rehabilitation and specifically designed and engineered to make it quick and easy to use wherever and whenever patients want. NHS pilot studies have shown that patients using BPMpathway exhibit heightened engagement with their rehabilitation, which many clinicians consider to promote improved outcomes.

The BPMpathway approach only works, however, if clinicians feel able to trust the data they receive. BPMpathway uses BPMpro CE Class 1 Medical Device technology, engineered to ISO 13485:2016 standards, and has been tested in NHS pilots across the UK. Unlike potentially rival solutions from the wellbeing industry, the patented, award-winning technology is:

  • Specifically-designed as a clinical tool delivering data that physios and surgeons can trust
  • Certified as a CE Class 1 Medical Device and listed with the FDA
  • Engineered to medical-grade ISO 13485:2016 standards
  • Piloted by the NHS across the UK
  • Validated against the OrthoPilot®, the gold standard in orthopaedic measurement; and has
  • AES-256 military-grade data encryption

The Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow was the first hospital in Europe to evaluate BPMpathway technology. The impact of this work was featured on BBC News Scotland in July 2016 in an item entitled ‘Motion Sensor Aids Joint Replacement Recovery’.
Six other NHS hospitals are currently piloting BPMpathway across the UK, looking specifically at the effect of remote patient monitoring. Six more hospitals intend to begin BPMpathway pilots during 2017. In addition, seven other hospitals have been using BPMpathway over the past three years to carry out in-house assessment of orthopaedic patients.

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