9 December 2019

Address Severe GP Shortages to Keep the NHS Safe for Patients, Says RCGP

Responding to the latest NHS Digital data on GP workforce Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said:

"General practice has experienced a workforce and workload crisis for a long time, resulting in many of the more experienced GPs burning out long before retirement. As a significant proportion of the workforce approach retirement age, effective retention strategies have to be implemented to keep people in the profession longer. It's the only way more experienced GPs can have safe, sustainable careers in the NHS, both delivering patient care, and mentoring the next generation of GPs.

"On the positive side recruitment efforts over recent years have seen the largest uptakes of GP trainees than ever before – and it's something we are proud of. However, we need a steady flow of at least 5000 GP trainees a year if were to avoid severe GP shortages.

"Reducing the undoable workload and having plans in place to ensure GPs don't experience burnout is therefore imperative in keeping the frontline of the NHS safe for patients."

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